Mobile Engagement Platform

The Mobile Engagement Platform enables brands to provision, create, deploy and manage interactive mobile campaigns, all from one place. It allows for the ability to modify and receive campaign data insights in real-time to improve outreach and overall experience for the customer.

Configure end-to-end mobile engagement solutions that include:

  • SMS (shortcode / longcode)

  • Email

  • Push Notifications (Android + iOS devices)

  • Mobile Wallet Passes

In today's mobile-first world, enterprises of all levels must take advantage of mobile engagement campaigns to create closer relationships with their customers. Get creative and combine our platform's delivery capabilities to deliver interactive and engaging rich content.

Launch marketing campaigns that encompass various stages of the customer relationship

  • Engagement campaigns: designed to acquire mobile users to visit your website, download your app, or subscribe to a service.

  • Onboarding: entails selling your business at first sight. Provide a world-class user experience for new customers and prospects. Showcase new features, tips, and tricks.

  • Retention: Maintaining the enthusiasm for your services with timely offers and rewards in the form of loyalty cards and gifts.

  • Conversion: Provide customers with exciting opportunities to upgrade to a premium version of the service, and cross-sell among other services

  • Reactivation: Utilize the data gathered from user behavioral patterns to create streamlined offers and features that are targeted to a specific demographic.

We have you covered on both sides of the campaign's lifecycle from the transaction to the service level, such as QR-code scanning systems or unique code generation for redemption.

Here are some examples of mobile engagement solutions by industry:

  • Banks: Account Alerts, Fraud Prevention, Value-Added Services, 2-FA, and OTP Passwords

  • Retailers: Loyalty Programs, Offers & Coupons, In-Store Engagement

  • Healthcare: Appointment and medication Reminders, Health Condition Monitoring, Customer Service Surveys

  • Mobile Operators: In-App Engagement, Services up-sell and cross-sell, Customer Support, Account Balance Alerts

REST API (Web Services)

Using REST API (Web-Services) for customer engagement allows seamless integration with any existing platform software or website. Admin users can also create, enable, update, and delete campaigns using a Query String Authentication program.

Send Emails, SMS, Push, or any other of our messangi service's with just one API call, but also manage your customer Subscription engine or obtain traffic reports.

The events captured by our REST API can be forwarded in real-time via Callback URLs to receive campaign notifications, helping you make data-based decisions quickly. These types of notifications can be such as when a user sends an SMS, enters (or exits) a Geofence, clicks a Scratch Card Link, or even opens an Email - this can all be configured to fit your needs.

For any questions regarding the setup of campaigns, please contact your Representative.

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