Multiple Choice Campaigns

Have the ability to create engaging campaigns for your users in order to obtain votes, quizzes for giveaways, or simply to hear their opinions.

Examples of Multiple Choice Campaigns

Poll or Survey

Users are presented with one or more questions and asked to select the best possible answer from a list of options presented. There are no right or wrong answers.


Typically only contains one question. The user is asked to select (vote) one of the options listed. There is no right or wrong option.

The tally of all answers will determine the most popular answer, the second most popular answer, and so forth.


Users are presented with one or more questions and asked to select from a list of options the one they deem correct. There is one correct answer, and the rest are automatically tallied as wrong.

Points (a form of prize or recognition) can be assigned to each correct answer.

Creating a Multiple Choice Campaign

To enter the Multiple Choice Campaign feature of the platform, do the following:

  1. Open the platform’s Main Menu located in the upper left-hand side

  2. Select Interactive Campaigns

  • Click on Multiple Choice


Once you have entered the Main Multiple Choice Campaign section, click on the Create New button


The New Multiple Choice Campaign screen will be displayed to configure the Campaign.

Fill in the requested information.


If you wish for the interaction to be triggered only when a Keyword is sent by the user, please check the Start on Keyword only box.

This means that if this option is checked, the campaign will be activated ONLY if the keyword is sent in the message, otherwise, the top priority campaign available will get the message and start the interaction.


Keep in mind that if you plan to have more than one multiple choice activated, you need to use at least one Keyword per multiple-choice Campaign. You will also need to mark the option Start on keyword only: at the multiple-choice creation/edit page.

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