Mobile Wallet Passes

Mobile Wallet Pass Structure

Visual Components

All Mobile Wallet Passes all contain a Front and Backside.

Front Side of a Mobile Wallet Pass

On the front, you are able to view:

  • Image assets

  • Text content

  • Bar code


Image Name



Located in the top left corner of Wallet Pass


Displayed in the Notifications on the lock screen


Located in the right half


Shown above the barcode


Displayed behind the text and Pass items


The upper part of the Wallet Pass

Text Content

Fields on the front should be short and accurate. The text that can be displayed in a Mobile Wallet Pass can be located in these 5 places:

Text Content


Logo Text

Upper center


Top right corner

Primary Fields

Upper half

Secondary Fields

Lower half

Auxiliary fields

Lower half

Back Side of a Mobile Wallet Pass

To access fields on the backside, you must touch the ( i ) button located in the lower right corner of the pass. Fields on the front should be short and accurate, while those on the back can have as much content as necessary (i.e. directions or terms and conditions).

Pass Structure

A Mobile Wallet Pass is a file compressed into a zip format with the extension .pkpass.

This file contains a JSON (plain text) with the structure of the pass (texts, barcode, metadata), images in PNG format and a digital signature.

All Mobile Wallet Passes are composed of the following technological infrastructure:

  • A Native Wallet App to Save and Display passes → Wallet for iOs and Google Pay for Android

  • the pass itself (.pkpass file)

  • a server that broadcasts passes

  • third-party servers (Apple's and others) that allow Push Notifications to be delivered to Pass Holders, depending on the end user's device platform.

As an interactive technology, a Mobile Wallet Pass Template can have the following metadata in order to establish its functionality and availability:

  • a relevant date

  • expiration date

  • associations to a geographical location with its coordinates and/or associations with Bluetooth Mobile devices known as iBeacons

    • It allows passes to be displayed on the lock screen when the time comes or when the device that stores the pass is around a place or near the signal of an iBeacon device.

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