Delivery of Wallet Passes

To send users Mobile Wallet Passes, you must have a Subscription List that contains the Recipients and the data to be used for variable fields inside of the Mobile Wallet Pass Template.


Remember to add on all the customized data in the list which is required to deliver passes.

Sending a Wallet Broadcast

In order to initiate the Sending and Delivery of Wallet Passes, you must first enter into the Main Wallet Pass Screen inside the Platform.

  1. Open the platform’s Main Menu screen on the left-hand side

  2. Select Interactive Campaigns

  • Click on Wallet option


Once you have entered the Main Wallet Pass Screen, you will see a list of all the created Wallet Templates

From the list, click on the envelope icon / Send button located in the Tasks column in the desired Template’s row.


Once you have selected the Template you wish to initiate delivery for, you will be directed to the Wallet Send Screen.

Wallet Send Screen

In order to send a Wallet Pass Template, follow the steps presented in the platform:

  1. Delivery

  2. Recipients

  3. Message

  4. When


In the first step, you must select the Delivery Method from the following options:

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Push Update

  • On-Demand

SMS Delivery

The SMS to be sent will include a defined text and a URL link to download the Wallet Pass.

Email Delivery

The Email sent will include your defined text and a button with the embedded Pass URL link in your Email Body to download the Wallet Pass.

Push Update

This is to be used after the first distribution of Passes to your users. This allows you to send updates for Wallet Passes that have already delivered.


In the second step, select the data source that will be used for both the Recipients and data used inside of the Wallet Pass.


Choose the Subscription List from the dropdown options.

After selecting the Subscription List, a form will be displayed showing the variable fields and dropdown boxes to make the matches between the variable fields on the Wallet Pass Template and the data inside of the List.

Choose the data source list and match the attributes that are located in the Wallet Pass Template.

For Push Updates, select the field that was updated from the list.


You can ONLY choose one list as source data to avoid data contradictions when Lists are merged.


In the third step, set the message that will be delivered to recipients along with the Mobile Wallet Template.


The message content will be sent along with the Pass URL Link.



The Email content that will be sent inside of the body Email. Sending the Wallet Pass requires a validated origin address, selected on the From combo:



Text and the subject for Email are mandatory, then they cannot be blank.


In the fourth step, you can customize the delivery schedule of the Wallet Passes such a the:

  • Starting Date and Time

  • Periodicity

  • Restricted days or hours


If you choose the option (send) now the delivery will be done right away.

If you choose the option Periodic, you must select the kind of periodicity (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly or yearly with respective parameters).

If you want to set how many messages will be sent per second then unselect the checkbox.

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