Updating Delivered Wallet Passes

If there are changes to apply over a Wallet Pass that has been delivered to its Recipients, the Push Notifications mechanism can be used to notify of these changes to Pass holders.

For iOS devices, users registered will get APNS notifications while Android users will get a background update on their Google Pay pass.

The platform will determine whether or not to deliver the Push Notifications based on the changes made.

  • If the Wallet Pass Template has changed, then all the delivered Passes will be notified with Pushes.

  • If the Wallet Pass Template hasn't been changed, then ONLY those Passes which source data has been changed will be notified.


Push Notifications will ONLY arrive if the user has the Automatic updates option turned ON for the Wallet App.

The update process has two main steps: changes over Wallet Pass Templates and Push Notifications. To perform the first step, you can either:

  • update the Wallet Pass Template

  • update the source data (Subscription List)

Updating the Wallet Pass Template

Once the Push Notification has been sent, the platform will deliver the new version of the Wallet Pass to the registered Pass holder’s devices allowing to display the updates automatically.

The user will obtain the updated Wallet Passes inside their Wallet App without the need for any action on their end.

You can use this feature to:

  • update Pass information

  • update offers in a coupon

  • personal data changes

  • new balances

  • renew or correct dates

  • add or remove locations or iBeacons

Updating Source Data

Changes must be made after the first initial delivery of the Wallet Passes has been completed.

Once this has been done and users have the Pass installed inside of their Wallet Apps:

  1. Enter the Main Mobile Wallet section of the Platform

  2. Click on the Send button for the desired Pass Template

  3. Select the Push option in the Delivery step

  4. Click on Next button

  5. Subscription List dropdowns will be filtered and will display only the Lists that have already been used for previous Deliveries.

  6. Select the Subscription List to be used for the update

  7. Reassign the matches between current Wallet Pass Template variable fields and information on the selected list.

    Select which field have changed:

  8. Go to the next step and enter the desired message to describe briefly the kind of changes made or the purpose of the updates.


must add “%@” as a placeholder for the new field value


9. The entered information will be stored in the database for tracking the operations made to the Wallet Campaign.

10. Click the Send button

11. Push Notifications will start to get delivered.

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