Spin 2 Win

This feature delivers an interactive game experience to end-users.

Based on the popular “Wheel of Fortune” game, it offers a fun way to reward Campaign Participants with configured Prizes.

Creating a Spin-2-Win

To start creating a Spin 2 Win, do the following:

  1. Open the platform’s Main Menu

  2. Select the Interactive Campaigns

  • Click on Scratch 2 Win


Here, you will enter the Scratch Card Main Screen. A list of all the created Spin 2 Win and Scratch Cardtemplates will be displayed.

To create a new Spin 2 Win, Click on the Create New button in the toolbar


You will be presented with all available options:


In the Awarding Type option, select Spin from the dropdown options


Once the Spin 2 Win option has been selected, you will see the New Spin 2 Win screen:


Here are the required fields:




Name of the Spin 2 Win Template


The URL to the Spin 2 Win interaction

Spin Image

Image for the wheel

Dimensions: 660 x 660px


MUST have n slices that are each equal in size, where n = number of slices

Cover Image

Displayed as the background of the Spin 2 Win

Dimensions: 780×1170px

Prize (optional)

Displayed in the center of the card when the wheel stops spinning.

Dimensions: 780×1170px

Background color

The background color to use for the responsive web page where the Scratch Card will be displayed

Spin 2 Win Preview Interaction

Click the Preview button to create a temporary Spin 2 Win card and test the interaction.

The Preview Spin 2 Win is a fully functional card, so you are able to click on the wheel image to test the spinning effect.


The wheel will always stop spinning in the same position for the Preview.

The wheel will always stop spinning in the same position for the Preview.

Once you validate all the fields, click on Create to store the card.

After creating the Spin 2 Win Card, you will be taken to the main Scratch 2 Win Main Screen.

Here you can edit, delete, or initiate a Spin 2 Win Delivery.

Spin 2 Win Components
Image Structure

The Spin-2-Win is composed of the following JPEG Images:

  • Background Image (260 x 390px)

  • Spin Image (660 x 660px)

  • Cover Image (780 x 1170px) → shown after the wheel has stopped spinning (OPTIONAL)

Image Examples
Personalized Spin 2 Win Cards
Default Stop Position

Depending on the number of Slices configured when Creating a Spin 2 Win Template, the following images illustrate where the Wheel will stop spinning by Default:


This will ONLY work if you want to deliver the same outcome for every single user.

Personalized Interactions

To send a Spin 2 Win Card with different outcomes for each Recipient, you must use a text file with the following format for each Recipient:

<mobilenumber>;position;<position value>

Here is an example of a valid Personalized Interaction to 2 recipients using this format:



Note that the position value is an index based on the clockwise direction for each wheel image

Once the Delivery of the Spin 2 Win is performed using the file example above, the outcome will be the following:


Take a look at the original Demo Images (located in the Spin 2 Win Components section).

Note that position 1 = blue slice and position 3 = green slice.

Sending a Spin 2 Win

Once you have followed the instructions in Creating a Spin 2 Win Template, navigate to the Main Scratch 2 Win screen.

You can do this by:

  1. Open the Platform’s Main Menu located in the upper left-hand side corner'

  2. Click on Interactive Campaigns

  3. Select Scratch 2 Win option

In the MainScratch 2 Win screen, you will view a list of all the created Spin 2 WinTemplates.


To start the delivery, click on the Name of the Spin 2 Win Template you wish to send from the list.

Once selected, you will be directed to that Spin 2 Win Template Screen

Here you can edit the configuration or start the Delivery of the interaction to recipients.


In the lower Send to part of the screen, you must input the following configurations fields:



Subscription Lists

Select the Subscription List that contains the users that will receive the Delivery.

You may:

  • Select an Existing Subscription List

  • Select multiple lists (Crtl + Command)

  • Select ‘None’ → must upload a .csv File by clicking the ‘I want to create a new SMS Subscription List’ Radio Button below.

A single Subscription List can be populated in multiple Campaigns. (i.e. a Subscription Campaign can add users to a selected Subscription List, and then use the Spin 2 Win Delivery to send a Spin 2 Win interaction to those Subscribed users.)

I want to use and discard a file

Select this option if you wish to use a file containing the list of recipients and optional personalized parameters. When using this option you can specify a file that includes more than one field.

In this case, the first field must contain the mobile number and any additional fields are personalized parameters to be used in the Spin 2 Win Card.

Please refer to the Spin 2 WIn Personalization section for more details

Delivery Method

Select the delivery method:

  • SMS

  • Push

SMS Fallback


ONLY Available when using Push as a Delivery Method

If a user does not have the Application installed on their mobile device, the platform will fallback the delivery of the message using the SMS channel.


The shortcode number used to send the SMS message


Check this box if you wish to configure each Spin-2-Win Card for single-use ONLY.

This means that if Scratch 2 Win URL is clicked more than one time, a second time an error message will be displayed instead of the Spin-2-Win Card.


The content of the message that will be delivered via SMS or Push to the recipients.

Note that the Spin 2 Win URL will be appended at the end of the message.

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