Broadcast Report

To access the Broadcast Report section, you must:

  1. Open Main Menu

  2. Select Reporting

  3. Click on Broadcast Reports


Here you will enter the Main Broadcast Report screen that will display a list of all the Basting Broadcast campaigns sent using the platform.


Each row displays the following information for each delivered Broadcast Campaign:




The unique numeric identifier automatically assigned to the campaign

Campaign Name

Name of the Broadcast Campaign

Starts on

Date and time at which the Blasting Campaign was launched

Ends on

Date and time at which the Blasting Campaign finished

Expected messages

Number of total messages expected to be sent in the Blasting

Sent messages

The actual number of messages sent thus far (if blast still in execution) or total messages sent after the blast was completed


Number of messages that have reached their destination according to delivery receipts with a “DELIVERED” status


The number of messages that the mobile operator couldn't deliver in their established amount of time.

A delivery receipt with an “EXPIRED” status is received by the campaign manager


Number of messages that did not reach their destination as stated by corresponding delivery receipt

Receipt not received

The number of messages for which a delivery receipt hasn't been received yet.

In the case of SMS, this could take up to two or three days depending on the expiration time set by the respective mobile operator

Search for Reports

To get specific Reporting information on Broadcast Campaigns delivered, you may search by Broadcast Name or by a Range of Dates:

Searching by Date

To initiate a Search, you must define a Start and End Date using the Date Picker Tool


Once you have defined both the Start and End Dates, click on the Search button.

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