Sent & DRs Report

The Sent and Delivery Receipts (DR) Report provides a detailed look into the result of a Blasting campaign.

This report is useful in a case in which the specific status for a user is needed. In this case, a search by mobile number or by device ID will show the result. This user analysis can be for doing for one or multiple campaigns.

To access the Sent & DRs Report do the following:

  1. Open the Main Menu

  2. Select Reporting

  3. Click on Sent & DRs option


In the Main Sent & DR Report screen, it lists all the individual messages that have been sent from Broadcast campaigns sent using the Platform.

The Report offers as many records as messages were sent in the Blasting campaign. It is likely that it will include a considerable number of records (millions in some cases). Hence, it is important to use the Report Search Options available.


These are the Fields displayed in the Report:

  • Date

  • User

  • Campaign Name

  • Delivery Method

  • Text

  • Status

  • Status Date

  • Status Reason


A reported message is assigned one of the following statuses:




The message was successfully delivered


The mobile operator or messaging platform was unable to deliver the message in the specified amount of time. A sample case is that the mobile device was turned off


The campaign manager was unable to deliver the message. For instance, when the number does not exist


When SMS is routed through messaging aggregators (not direct SMPP connection with mobile operator) some report that they have received the message from the campaign manager and it's ready to be sent to the corresponding mobile operator. This is equivalent to an “ENROUTE” status


Unknown error occurred. This is very unlikely


The message was rejected. The messaging platform provider, a mobile operator or push notification platform, could have blocked the message

No status

The message is assumed in route

Search Options in Report

To search within all the sent messages, use the Search Options available on the top part of the Main Sent & DR Report Screen

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