Email Report

The Email Report provides a detailed look at the process of delivery for an Email Broadcast by assigning a status for each Email sent.

To access the Email Report section of the platform do the following:

  1. Open the Main Menu

  2. Select Reporting

  3. Click on Email Report


Here you will view the Main Email Report screen displaying all outgoing emails from all Email Broadcasts created.

When an Email Broadcast has been created, it is important to check this Email Report to verify its status - whether it started properly or to view results.

The Report offers as many records as messages were sent in the Email Broadcast campaign. It is likely that it will include a considerable number of records (millions in some cases).

Hence, it is important to use the Report Search Options available.


These are the following Fields displayed in the Email Report:




When that specific email was sent

Campaign Name

Email's subject.

Starts on

Date and time at which the Email campaign was launched. First expected Email sent

Ends on

Date and time at which the Email campaign finished. All expected Emails sent


Email to which it was sent


From which Email it was sent


Basic Status filter, available values and their meanings are:

  • Sent: Sent to the recipient.

  • Read: Message opened by the recipient.

  • Clicked: Recipient clicked a link contained in the email.

  • Not Sent: Message could not be sent.

  • Queued: Acknowledged by internal delivery process but not yet sent.

  • Blacklisted: Recipient is on the Email Blacklist.

  • Bad From: Invalid origin address.

  • Bad To: Invalid destination address.

  • Expired: Message could not be sent after the maximum amount of attempts.

  • Bounced: Message rejected temporarily by recipient's mail server.

  • Bounced Permanent: Message rejected permanently by recipient's server, due to account deactivation, deletion or similar. No further messages should be sent to this recipient.

  • Complained: Message may have been marked as spam by recipient.

  • Unsubscribed: Message delivered, but recipient opted out from receiving messages via the unsubscribe link.

Status reason

Explains the Status message:

  • Sent

  • Message read

  • The message could not be sent

  • Rejected

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