Getting Started

This guide provides in-depth information and scenarios for a variety of topics surrounding the application, including Blasting Broadcasts, Subscription Lists, Interactive Campaigns, Mobile Wallet Passes, and Reporting.


Getting Started

This section includes basic information on the application including Home page, Navigation, Main Menu, and Admin Menu.

Blasting Broadcasts

Information on themessaging service (Broadcasts) that allows sending messages to specific distribution groups delivered via SMS, Email, or Push.

Subscription Lists

Tutorial documentation that breaks down the importance ofSubscription Listswhen creating campaigns.

Interactive Campaigns

Campaigns that can be created in the application that include External Web Service, Geofencing, Multiple Choice, Raffle, Keyword Campaigns, Subscription, Gamification, andFacebook Messenger.

Mobile Wallet Passes

Tutorial documentation that explainshow to set up, deliver, and update Mobile Wallet Passes.


Tutorial documentation surrounding the topic of Gamification. Includes the setup process for Scratch Cards, Spin 2 Win, and Slot Machinegames.

Location-based Services

Information that breaks down GeoFencingand GeoPushservices.


A breakdown of various reports that can be generated in the Mobile Engagement Platform , including Broadcast, Email, and Subscriber Reports.

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