Login and Home Page Navigation


The Login Page is the first page a user will see after navigating to the web page. To log in to the application, a user must enter their Username and Password. Select Sign In.


Home Page

The Mobile Campaign Manager (home) is the first page displayed upon login. The layout of the “home screen” varies depends on the role assigned to the account you are using.

The header offers quick navigation to the platform’s Main Menu and Admin Menu.


The Return button allows the user to return to a previous page. Simply select the Return button to move back a page within the application. If selecting Return on the home page, the user will be logged out of the application.


To log out of the application, hover over the username in the top-right corner. From the dropdown menu, select Exit.


Upon selection, the user will automatically be logged out of the application. Select Enter to log in as a different user (or log back in with the same credentials).

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