Main Menu

The Main Menu is located in the top-left corner of the Mobile Campaign Manager web page. The Main Menu contains all categories and menu selections needed to navigate through the application.

To access the Main Menu, select the menu button (hamburger icon) to open the Main Menu panel. Once the button is selected, the panel will slide open from the left of the screen.


In the header, there will be Code(s) configured to that platform’s account.


Underneath Code(s) will be a listing of All Categories. The first option is a BACK button (select this to close the menu). The categories are:

  • Inbox

  • Interactive Campaigns

  • Blasting

  • Reporting

  • Utils

  • On-Air

Each category contains sub-menus that lead to further configuration screens.


To open a category and view the sub-menu, click on a category. In the example below, Interactive Campaigns is selected.


After the category is selected, the Interactive Campaigns sub-menu will open. Select a menu item to open, or select the BACK button to return to the Main Menu.


To exit the Main Menu, select the BACK from the All Categories portion of the menu.


The menu will close and the user will return to the Mobile Campaign Manager page.

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