Blasting Broadcasts

A Broadcast campaign is a messaging service that allows sending messages to specific distribution groups delivered via SMS, Email, or Push.

Broadcasts serve as a way to accelerate the flow of data and information across a company or a large network of members. Organizations make use of broadcasts to communicate en-masse. This enables enterprise companies to relay important messages to their customers for informational or marketing purposes.

Distribution groups for Broadcast campaigns can be an opt-in based group (derived from the MO-based campaigns described in this document), a custom group or a combination of multiple groups.

Various techniques are used to deliver information to as many recipients as possible, in minimal time. We handle the encryption tools, server-side, storage space, and software to facilitate a smooth Broadcast messaging process.

Blasting Section

To access the Blasting section in the platform:

  1. Open the platform’s Main Menu

  2. Click on the Broadcast option

Here you will see the type of Blasting Broadcast options available:


Types of Blasting Broadcasts

There are 5 types of Blasting Broadcasts available:

  1. Broadcast: Delivery of one communication message to all selected recipients.

  2. Broadcast by File: Configure for each recipient to receive different communications by loading a .csv file.

  3. Personalized Broadcast: Communications that can be personalized for each recipient using variable fields.

  4. Email Broadcast: Delivery of Email communication.

  5. Email Broadcast Wizard: A blast via Email using responsive HTML templates

Main Blasting Broadcast Screen

The Main Blasting Broadcast Screen shows all the past Delivered Blasts.

Here you will be able to view a few stats for each one such as:

  • Message Delivery Rate

  • Expected Messages

  • Sent Messages

  • Remaining Messages

  • % Sent

  • Status

    • Using the Status link, an Active Broadcast can be Suspended temporarily or Cancelled Permanently


Note that some broadcasts may show a % Sent greater than 100% in cases where messages have been retried or a fallback method was used

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