This is the platform’s most utilized feature - the classic Broadcast. You may select the Delivery Method to be either via SMS or Push Notification. Here the configured message will be delivered to all recipients that exist within the associated Subscription List.


Note that the same message will be delivered to all recipients.

Note that the same message will be delivered to all recipients.

Broadcast Section

To access the Broadcast section in the platform:

  1. Open the platform’s Main Menu

  2. Click on the Blasting option

  3. Click the Broadcast option in the sub-menu


Broadcast Main Dashboard


Displays all the past Broadcast campaigns that have been Delivered, including a few stats for each:

  • Message Delivery Rate

  • Expected Messages

  • Sent Messages

  • Remaining Messages% Sent

  • Status

    • Using the Status link an active broadcast can be suspended temporarily or canceled permanently (please note that some broadcasts may show a % Sent greater than 100% in cases where messages have been retried or a fallback method was used).

Creating a new Broadcast

Navigate to the main Broadcast section of the platform


To create a new Broadcast campaign, click on the New Broadcast button displayed on the toolbar:


This will open the New Broadcast screen for configuration

Broadcast Configuration

When creating a new Broadcast, here are the configuration fields:



Subscription Lists

The Subscription Lists contain the users that will receive the broadcast.

You may:

  • Select an Existing Subscription List

  • Select multiple lists (Crtl + Command)

  • Select ‘None’ → must upload a .csv File by clicking the ‘I want to create a new SMS Subscription List’ Radio Button below.

A single Subscription List can be populated in multiple Campaigns. (i.e. a Subscription Campaign can add users to a Subscription List, and then use the Broadcast tool periodically to message the Subscribed users.)

I want to create a new SMS distribution list

Check this option if you don't want to use an existing Subscription List and wish to Upload a List by:

  • Uploading a .csv File from your Computer

  • Select a File in a Dropbox account

Delivery Method

Select the preferred delivery method:

  • SMS

  • Push

Campaign Name

The name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters


Defines the message that Recipients will receive with the Broadcast.


All users in this campaign will receive the exact same text.

All users in this campaign will receive the exact same text.

SMS Fallback


Available ONLY when using Push as a Delivery Method.

If a user does not have the Application installed on their mobile device, the platform will fallback the delivery of the message using the SMS channel.


The Shortcode number used to send the SMS message.


Control the speed and time of the delivery of the Broadcast.

Uncheck the No throttle option if you wish to throttle the delivery of the Broadcast. Enter the number of messages and the minute period in which those messages should be delivered.

Starts On

By default Now is checked.

Uncheck the Now option to schedule the delivery for a later date and time


Check the Periodic option to schedule periodic deliveries. Using this feature you can program your broadcasts to be redelivered on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly periods depending on your requirements

Restricted Schedules

Uncheck the No Restricted Days option to define a restricted set of weekdays on which the users must not be messaged. Uncheck the No restricted hours to enter the time at which users must not be contacted. Using this option you can prevent messages to be delivered at sensitive times, for example before 8:00 am or after 10:00 pm (the default)

Once finished configuring the Broadcast, click on the Preview button to see the list of all the messages that will be delivered to the Subscription List users. Once you validate the fields and delivery, click on the Send button to activate the Broadcast.

You will be directed to the Main Broadcast Screen where you will see delivery information of the Broadcast in real-time.

Push MS INAPP & Deeplink Payload

When creating a pushMS broadcast you can add a payload to the notification for in app actions, this payload can be handled by your application. This payload is handled in three sections: A general parameter section which is a payload for both platform (Android, iOS), Android and iOS parameters which are meant to be used only on the specific platform.


Android Parameters handle a reserved word called click_action, this allows to trigger a deep-link action in the case is required.

Pending and Approval Process

A Broadcast may have an assigned pending status depending on the configuration and the permissions of the user creating the campaign.

Users with limited permissions will have a ‘Pending Approval’ status assigned to the Broadcasts campaigns they create. Afterward, the Broadcast must be verified by another user with the permissions to approve the campaign.

Type of User Account Permissions
  • A user that can only create the SMS broadcast Campaign: will have pending approval and disable to send a broadcast (only will save)

  • A user that approves the SMS broadcast campaign: Will have pending approval and allows to reject a broadcast

Creating a Broadcast for Pending Approval

Users with limited permissions in the account are allowed to create Broadcast campaigns but will have to be later approved by another user in order to be approved. The Broadcast campaigns created will be marked as ‘Pending’ for Approval.

To create a Broadcast that is set as ‘Pending for Approval’, it will be configured without a date. The user that approves this process, will have the option to validate the broadcast process to start immediately or to schedule it for a future date.

Once a Broadcast campaign has been created, in the last step of creation, click on the Preview button to see all the messages that will be delivered to all the users.

Once you validate all the fields click on Save and the Broadcast Campaign’s status will be set as Pending for Approval.


Once you click Save you will be taken to the Broadcast Main Screen, where the status and delivery information of all created Broadcasts campaigns are shown in real-time.

An email will be sent to the user that approves this process to inform that a campaign is pending for approval in order to be launched at the desired Date

Broadcast Approval

Users with certain set permissions must approve a created Broadcast campaign before it can be Delivered.

To approve a Broadcast set as Pending for Approval:

Open the main Broadcast section


From the displayed list of created Broadcast campaigns, click on the Campaign’s name to Accept, Reject or Cancel the process.


In the selected campaign’s page, verify all the information is correct and proceed to set a date for the Broadcast to be launched.

A date must be set for the launch of the Broadcast. It can be set to ‘Now’ or schedule to be sent on a future date.


The user will be presented with the options to preview, Accept, Reject or Cancel the SMS broadcast campaign.

Posting on Social Media


The Campaign Manager allows posting your broadcast text to a facebook page, by logging in with an account that has permission to post on it.


First, you need to add your destination facebook page ID to your workspace, you can find this id on the “More Info” section of the page’s About tab:


Then, enter it on the Facebook Page ID box on your Campaign Manager Workspace Settings and save your workspace:


Post to Facebook

When setting up a regular Broadcast campaign, enable posting by checking the "Post on Facebook" box, and login with your account on the pop-up window:


Then follow the steps to authorize publishing, click Continue As your account:


Select the page whose id you added to your workspace and click Next to authorize the Messangi Pages app to post on your behalf:


Set all permissions to allow the app to post correctly and click Done:


Your account is now linked to the platform, click OK to close the pop-up:


Upon connecting the account, the green check mark indicates you are now able to post your message:


You can now send your broadcast and the campaign Text will be posted on your page:


Bear in mind that facebook will not accept the same text being posted twice in a row.


In addition to the power to reach massive targets with broadcasts, the Campaign Manager allows to post the same content on Twitter. To do so, you must have an active Twitter account.


To post your broadcast text content in Twitter ypu must make sure you domain is allowed to so (check with support) and follow these steps:

1. In the New broadcast screen select the check button “Post on Twitter”.


2. Click on “Sign in with Twitter”.


This will redirect you to a Twitter login page where you will need to introduce your login data.


Also, you should authorize the Twitter app “Messangi” to post in your behalf.

3. Once you're logged in and authorized Messangi app, the Twitter window will be closed automatically and the status icon will change in the edit broadcast interface to a green check mark. Click on “Send” button and then confirm in the modal message, to execute the broadcast and post on your Twitter timeline. The post will be shown in your page right after you sent your broadcast (unless you schedule it, in that case the post will be shown at the exact time you schedule your broadcast). You only have to open or refresh your Twitter timeline to see the resulting post.

If something goes wrong in this process you will be redirected to an error page.


For each post attempt, the message is compared with the authenticating user's recent Tweets. Any attempt that would result in duplication will not be posted. A user cannot submit the same status twice in a row.

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