Raffle Campaigns

The Platform offers the ability to make an interactive experience for end-users by using Gamification templates and the ability to configure sets of prizes for winners.

Set winning probabilities and frequencies in defined parameters. Users can test their luck by sending a text message to a designed number where they will receive a Gamification experience or a Simple Text Message.

Raffle Campaign

To view the platform’s Raffle Campaign Section

  1. Click on the left hand Main Menu

  2. Select the Interactive Campaigns option

  • Click on the Raffle option


Creating a Raffle Campaign

To create a new Raffle, enter the platform’s Main Raffle Campaign screen from the platform’s Main Menu.

  1. Open Main Menu

  2. Select Interactive Campaigns

  • Click on Raffle


Once you enter the Main Raffle Campaign, Click on the Create New button.


Next, the New Raffle Campaign configuration screen will show to create a new Raffle

Raffle Configuration

Enter the New Raffle Campaign screen in order to configure a Raffle.


Here you will be presented with the following options to create a campaign:

Raffle Details




Campaign Name


Descriptive text for the campaign

Delivery Method

Select the Raffle’s Delivery Method


Select the type of winner configuration:

  • By Cycle: To deliver X amount of prizes each Y messages the campaign registers

  • Always Win: Every user that sends an SMS to the campaign will get a winner message

  • Exhaustion by File

Answers Section

This configures the Campaign Keywords that users must invoke to enter and participate in the campaign

Prize Section

Set up and configure the prizes that will be in play during the Raffle Campaign.

Raffle Cycle: determines how often a prize will be delivered in terms of incoming messages.

  • For example: If you set the cycle as 5 and a prize has one as Drops/Cycle - it will mean that for every 5 incoming messages, you will deliver that price just one time

For each of the prizes enter the following information:




Prize’s Name


The total amount of prizes you have available

Drop / Cycle

How many prizes you wish to be delivered for each Cycle


During the Campaign, the remaining items you have available will appear here.


This is not an editable field


This text is the message that participants will receive when they won the Prize of that kind.

To use a created Scratch Card, you must use the following syntax: {s: NAMEOFSCTEMPLATE}.

Raffle Campaign Reporting

To view a Keyword Campaign Report, you must enter the Main Raffle Campaign screen. Here, select the Results Icon.


Prizes Report

A report showing the participation details of a Raffle Campaign. This will outline the winners and losers.

To access this report, in the Main Raffle Campaign Screen, select the Raffle Campaign you wish to view Results for in the upper right combo.



Use the filters to manage the amount of data you want to handle in the report

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