Geofencing is a Location-based Service that allows triggering Campaigns to mobile users that are in or out of a defined virtual perimeter of a real-world geographic area.

A major advantage of using Geo-Fences is that there is no need to preload a Subscription List relevant to the Campaign, as it provides a contextual interaction with mobile users based on their physical location.

Geofencing Use Cases

  • Send a Welcome Message when customers enter a retail store or deliver an Experience Survey when they exit.

  • Provide parking or seating guidance to customers when entering a sports/entertainment venue.

Main GeoFence Section

To enter the GeoFence section of the platform, do the following:

  1. Open the Main Menu located in the upper left-hand side of the platform

  2. Click on Interactive Campaigns

  • Select GeoFencing from the options


You will be presented with the following Main GeoFence Screen:


Configuring a Geofence

To create a new GeoFence Location, you must navigate to the Main GeoFence Screen


Click on the New button:


The New GeoFence Configuration screen will show:


To create a New GeoFence, the following fields are needed:



Enter a query

In this field, you may enter the name or address of the location using the Google Maps search.

The pair latitude/longitude will be placed on the point where the virtual fence will be placed.


The name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters


Enter a rich format message that will be delivered to the final user as a Push message.


Used to trigger a predefined Interactive Campaign.

This will replace the manual call to action that is configured on it.

Radius around address

Defines the virtual fence from the selected central configured location point.


Select the type event that will trigger the alert which includes:

  • Enter

  • Exit

  • Both

Limited Delivery

Input the number of minutes the platform must wait after the first notification was delivered before the sending of a second notification.

Starts on

Now is checked by default.

Uncheck the Now option to schedule the delivery for a later date and time


Configure the schedule of the delivery of messages.

By default, delivery is allowed every day of the week at any time.

Once you have configured the following fields, click on the Save button to enable the GeoFence.

GeoFence Configuration Example

The following is an example of a configured GeoFence location for a Soccer Match at a Stadium.


Once user that have the selected Application downloaded on their mobile devices, they will receive the following notification:

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