Geo Push is a Location-based service that allows the triggering of a campaign that is targeted to mobile users currently within a defined virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.

Contrary to how a GeoFence works, a GeoPush campaign is not triggered by the movement of the mobile user (entering or exiting an area) but rather if they are physically at the location at the moment of the campaign launch.

A major advantage of using the GeoPush feature is that it provides a contextual interaction with mobile users based on their current physical location.

Configuring a GeoPush

To configure a New GeoPush, do the following:

  1. Open the platform’s Main Menu

  2. Click on Blasting

  • Select the GeoPush option


In this screen, you will be able to Search, Edit, Delete, or Create new GeoPush Message.


To Create aNew GeoPush Message, click on the New button.


The message template will open:




Address / Coordinates

In this field, you may enter the name or address of the location using the Google Maps search.

The pair latitude/longitude will be placed on the point where the virtual fence will be placed.


The name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters


Enter a rich format message that will be delivered to the final user as a Push message.

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to include rich formatting in the message

Radius around address

Defines the virtual fence from the selected central configured location point.


Try to match the central location in the map and selected radius as close as possible to the actual size of the targeted area

Starts on

Now is checked by default.

Check the Periodic option to schedule periodic deliveries. Using this feature, you can program your GeoPush notifications to be delivered on a Daily, Monthly, and Yearly periods.

Once you have the GeoPush configuration set, click on the Send button to deliver the composed message to all mobile users present in the defined location.

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