Push SDK

To send a Push notification (Broadcast), a user must set up credentials that allow the platform to connect to the different Push senders providers.

Push Setup

To access the Push SDK set up in the platform:

  1. Click on the Username

  2. Click on Workspace Settings

  • Fill out the following in the Mobile SDK & RESTful API section:

    1. Android PUSH identity API Key

    2. iOS PUSH Identity Keystore password and provide your .p12 configuration file

    3. Mobile App Name


Push MS

Different providers such as Firebase Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provide increased delivery rates through several mechanisms. It is required to set up new credentials.


Obtaining credentials


Obtain an Encryption Key and Key ID from Apple

APNs authentication token signing key is needed to generate the tokens used by your server. Request this key from the developer account on developer.apple.com, as shown below.


When a key is requested, Apple will provide:

  1. A 10-character string with the Key ID. Include this string in your JSON tokens (required).

  2. An authentication token signing key, specified as a text file (with a .p8 file extension).

Obtain a Team ID

Go to the Apple Developers Portalhttps://developer.apple.com/:

  1. Select Membership

  2. Copy the Team ID.


Obtain your Bundle Idenfier

Select the top project item in the project navigator (left-side menu). Then select TARGETS -> General. The Bundle Identifier will populate as shown below:



Obtain Firebase ServiceAccount Credential

Generate a new private key in the Firebase console. The Project ID can be found inside the generated file.

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