Push Broadcast Report

One all Push to be Delivered in the Broadcast have been Sent, a Report will be generated:


A Push Broadcast Report contains the following information:


Push Broadcast Card

Displays the Push card information, located at the top of the report.

  • Creation Date: The creation date (month, day, year, time)  of the Push Broadcast.

  • Delivery Date: The delivery date (month, day, year, time)  of the notifications.

  • Recipients: Total number of recipients, who received the notifications.



The creation and delivery date corresponds to the user's local time.

Delivery KPIs

In the upper part of the Report, find Snapshot KPIs of the Broadcast delivery.

  • Total Push Sent: count of the number of Push set to be delivered in the Broadcast

  • Delivery Rate: represents the Total Push Sent minus any reported Delivery Errors

  • Failed Rate: represents the Push failed to Delivered



Performance Metric Graph

Displays a graph of the reported Push Delivery Statuses

  • Status UNREGISTERED: Number of notifications that have been unregistered.

  • Status SENT: Number of notifications that have been sent.

  • Total Push Notifications: Total Push notifications that have been sent.

Push Content Preview

Get a quick view of the Push Content that was delivered to the Recipients.




View the list of Recipients that received the Push and the Delivery Status.



Export Report

To obtain a CSV of the Broadcast Report by Recipient, click on the Export Report button.


A Dialog will appear to enter the Email where you would like to receive the generated Broadcast Report.


Once the desired Email has been entered, click on the OK button and the generated Report will be sent to the indicated Email.


Example of the Email that contains the Broadcast Report. Click on the Download Report button to obtain the CSV file.


If the Email has not been received, check the Spam folder. If any troubles, contact the Platform Support Team.

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