In this step, create the message content that will be used in the SMS Broadcast. Selecting an existing SMS Template or get creative and start a message from Scratch.

  • Option to select an existing SMS Template or start message from scratch

  • Enter the SMS content in the Message text field

You may use the Emoji picker to make messages more engaging with Subscribers . To do this, click on the Smiley Face icon (image121.png ) located in the lower right corner of the text field

  • Add Personalized Fields into the message content. The displayed options are the existing Subscriber List Fields. These placeholders are then replaced with each of the Recipient’s information.

For example, if I wish to send an SMS Message to my Subscribers saying Hello {Name}!

Select the ‘name’ option from the Personalized Fields


Message text box will display the following:



All Personalized Fields used are marked with [[ ]].

Character Count and Message Count

In the lower section of the Message Content text box, it will indicate the message Encoding Format, Character Count, and Number of Messages to be sent to each Recipient using that message Length.


For example, the following message content contains a total of 100 characters, where the Broadcast will deliver 1 message to each Recipient.


In this example, the message content contains a total of 163 characters, where the Broadcast will deliver 2 messages to each Recipient.

Once the message content has been created, click the Next button to continue to the Recipients step.

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