Messangi API

The Messangi API enables you to deliver personalized content to your customers through multiple channels. You will be able directly contact customers via Email or SMS, manage user details and payments, and also manage loyalty programs to offer rewards. You can integrate the following collections:

  • Authentication - register new users with an email and password

  • Wallet - manage user balances and credit

  • URL Shortener - shorten URLs for easier SMS communication

  • Broadcast Scheduler - send out email or SMS communications at specific times

  • Loyalty Programs - offer rewards and prizes to select customers

  • Blacklists and Whitelists - add users to accepted lists or block them from your platform

  • Subscription Lists - these work in conjuncture with other other APIs such as the Broadcast API. A subscription list contains details of multiple contacts which can all be recalled in a single call.

  • Email communication - send email messages to users

  • SMS Communications - send SMSs to users

  • Pass Delivery - enable users to claim rewards

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - create and manage contacts

  • Payment subscriptions - manage one-off payments and subscription payments

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