Digital Engagement API

Welcome to the Digital Engagement API platform! Our suite of APIs enable you to enhance communications and interactions with your customers. This site provides comprehensive documentation for all of our APIs and you’ll find everything you need to know about working with a particular API in the corresponding section. Before you get started, there are some fundamental concepts that you need to understand and tools that might help you that apply across all our APIs.


You can visit our API Reference for more technical details

Our APIs consist of the following:

  • SMS: send and receive text messages (SMS), fetch or receive delivery reports on your endpoint in real time and ability to see message logs. You can send messages in different languages, schedule your messages, define delivery time window and much more.

  • Email: send both transactional and marketing email messages. It allows users to create rich, personalized, and responsive emails using API. Email messaging can be simple with ad-hoc one-way communication or more advanced with template management and scheduled sending.

  • Push Notifications: send messages directly to user’s of your mobile application. Push notifications are a direct channel to your customers helping you to engage and inform, improve the shopping experience and build loyalty.

  • Broadcasts: send informational or marketing messages in bulk to a list of subscribers or aspecific segment. You can set up broadcasts for different channels (SMS, Email or Push Notifications) and can also schedule them for a specific time and date.

  • Templates: personalize messages with information specific to each member of your audience, like first name, flight number, or order status. You can even pass complicated variables to your template. You can create templates for every channel (SMS, Email, Push notifications).

  • List Management: manage the subscription lists, build rich profiles for each person to be able to create audience segments for more precise targeting.

  • Subscription Management: manage subscriber’s consent and how you interact with them across channels.

  • Mobile Wallet : personalize interactive wallet templates with specific information  and create passes to each member of your audience.

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