Create Your WhatsApp Business Account With Messangi

Before the Whatsapp Business Account is ready to be used, you need to approve a messaging on behalf of request and verify your business within Business Manager.

Before you begin

  • Log in to Business Manager. If your business hasn't used Business Manager, sign up and add people to Business Manager.
    Note: To access WhatsApp Business API, Business Manager must belong to your end business, not to an agency or third-party.
  • Messangi will request your Business Manager ID via email to create your WhatsApp business account. To find your ID in Business Manager:
    1. Click Business Settings.
    2. Click Business Info. Your Business ID can be found below Business Manager Account Name. Remember that your Business Manager ID isn't the same as your Facebook Page ID.

Approve messaging on behalf of your business

You need to approve Messangi to send messages from your WhatsApp business account on behalf of your business. When Messangi sends you a messaging on behalf of request, you'll receive a notification in your Business Manager and by email. To approve this request:

  1. Go to the Requests section in your Business Settings.
  2. Click Requests.
  3. In the Received tab, find the request from Messangi and click Approve.


Verify your business

After you approve the messaging on behalf of request, you'll need to verify your business in Business Manager.

  1. Go to the Security Center section in your Business Settings.
  2. In Business Verification section, click Start Verification.
    Note:Start Verification is disabled until you approve the messaging on behalf of request from Messangi.
  3. Complete business verification as instructed.

After your business is verified, Messangi will be able to send messages to your customers on behalf of your business.

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